ABANCE was founded in the year 1994, with the aim of providing engineering and cosultancy services for clients in the Bay of Cadiz. Later on these services were extended to the whole of the national territory.

ABANCE provides design and manufacturing for ships, marine structures and industrial manufacturing support services. Business Areas: Engineering and Consultancy.

ABANCE has two business centres. One of them is situated in El Puerto de Santa Maria where the Main Office (with 65% of the Staff) is located and the other one (with 35% of the staff) is situated in Cartagena.

From the start, the company has established a Decalogue of Principles that has enabled the company´s diversification, position, prestige, seriousnedd, professionalism and recognition. The experience and continous training of its staff is its best asset and value for the future.

  • A - Amigo cliente - The Client is our Friend
  • B - Beneficio mútuo - Mutual Benefit
  • A - Adaptabilidad - Adaptability
  • N - Naturaleza innovadora - Innovative Nature
  • C - Colaboración - Contribution
  • E - Espíritu de logro y reconocimiento - Spirit of Achievement and Recognition