ABANCE designs and provides a 3D model of electrical cables by considering the unifilar diagrams of the ship's electrical project. 3D cable routing is carried out using the Electrical 3D Trays previously designed and routed by the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

One of the key tasks undertaken by the department is to check the filling degree of trays as well as electrical feedthroughs.

The key tasks are summarized as follows:

  • Update of Materials in FORAN System Base of Data
  • 3D Modelling: Boxes, Consoles, ...
  • 3D Cable Routing and Connection by using previously 3D Modelled Trays
  • Manufacturing Cable Arrangement Drawings
  • Manufacturing Cable Schemes Drawings
  • Manufacturing List of I/O Signals
  • check of filling degree of Tray & Feedthroughs

ABANCE has developed a software program to manage the cable in all stages in coordination with engineering Department: purchase, preparation, planification, assembly, wiring on board, testing and commissioning. This Management Software of Cables reads directly from Foran┤s Oracle tables and allows a full interaction between the 3D model and reality of the work, offering the key to get an absolute control of labor.