I Golf Tournament DOS MARINAS - ABANCE Grand Prix. Game played in Rota Golf Club. AWARDS IN GOLF SHERRY (JEREZ). Game played in Rota Golf Club.

Following the departure of I GOLF TOURNAMENT "DOS MARINAS" - GRAND PRIX Abance play in the field of Rota Golf Club on November 6, which won the club stayed at the Club Naval San Telmo, last Saturday 15 January Golf was played in Sherry Golf (Jerez) closing the game with a delay at the start led by the existing dense fog. At this time there was also victory Rota Golf Club, so this Club to guard the trophy until the next edition. After the game, they proceeded to a lunch with all participants, and prizes. Having this tournament beneficial character, be used also to deliver to the Head of the Association of Jerez PROYECTO HOMBRE (Mr. Luis Bononato) of all food provided by the participants of the tournament, as well as the financial contribution made by Sponso.